A revolutionary colour product for roads and buildings



Colvitro® offers a revolutionary colour product for Roads & Buildings

"Why blow up mountains worldwide to get the right color, while ColVitro can deliver any color you want with its recycled products."

Benefits of ColVitro

  • Glass, but not sharp;
  • All RAL colors possible;
  • Colorfast for years;
  • UV resistant;
  • Fast processing;
  • Water-based product;
  • Patented product.


ColVitro is carefully broken and colored glass aggregate. The glass particles are provided with color on all sides by means of a patented treatment. This has the great advantage that if the top layer is worn away, the underlying color reflects on the facets through the clear glass matrix. The glass helps filter UV light, which extends the life of the color. The ColVitro technology is used as a broadcast material for road marking applications or as a Spray-on for finishing applications on buildings and structures.

DSM partnership

From the beginning DSM believed in our philosophy!




Mathijs Vugts - Founder

Mathijs believes in improving existing business models and that sustainability is the future. With a background in finance & investments he began his career at a large Dutch construction company more than 15 years ago. He broadened his experience at several portfolio investment positions in the asset management industry. As an entrepreneur he is now involved in several innovative companies in which ColVitro will contribute to sustainable construction.

‘Let’s create change’


Ralph Creteer - Founder

Ralph rethinks our way to look at construction. He has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry as an entrepreneur. Ralph believes waste will be an important basic input material for sustainable construction as virgin basic materials become scarce. Finish with endless talking and create solutions. ColVitro proves that sustainable construction is possible. It’s just a start and more is to come.

‘Finish the talking and start to create solutions’


Leo Pullens - Founder

Leo recreates existing real estate into sustainable projects. Over 20 years he has developed multiple projects with respect for the location, the object and above all the environment.
Leo believes that ColVitro stands for the ambition to sustainable decorate existing buildings and infrastructure. Together we will make the difference.

‘Just do it’



Colvitro® Road

Our Product is Safe. Circular. Durable. ColVitro® is the solution for sustainable CO₂ reduction. ColVitro® Road is scattered on a transparent binder on the road surface. Would you like to discover more details? Download our technical overview pdf.

Colvitro® Spray

ColVitro® Spray is mixed with a transparent binder and sprayed on buildings and bridges etc. Would you like to discover more details? Download our technical overview pdf.

Our preferred application partners

ColVitro® Granules

ColVitro® is completely embedded in a resin layer

ColVitro® applied to a road surface



Using technology smart

Colvitro® is founded by passionated entrepreneurs who want to build towards a more sustainable planet by using technology smart.
The idea behind Colvitro® is based on the fundamental philosophy that we have to think differently regarding the use of basic resources in our economies.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together